“I like Anneli because it’s a place to chill and laugh with friends.  It cheers me up if I’ve had a bad day, and helps me with my fitness for football.”

Jack, 11


“Anneli is the one place I am myself.  It’s my second home.”

Grace, 13


“I’d be lost without it.  I’ve made friends for life and being a single mum I get lonely.  Dance stops that as when I’m not learning at Anneli, I’m practising.”

Kathy, 40


“I love Anneli because I’ve made new friends outside of school and my instructor Charlotte makes me dance good and get better.”

Chloe, 8


“I get to socialise with amazing people, but most importantly for me, it’s given me the strength and confidence to be myself.”

Sophia, 24


“I love Anneli because we get to play games.  Also, Kelly is a fantastic teacher.  I love the Anneli family because we help each other and do moves with each other.”

Madison, 7


“Anneli makes me forget all my problems and I always look forward to coming.  I never feel left out and feel like everyone is my family.”

Dani, 15