Street Dance

Street dance is an urban style of dance, performed to upbeat music. Street dance is very much an umbrella term for other urban styles such as hip hop, house, locking, popping, krump and break.

With students from 3 years of age, classes and instruction techniques are tailored accordingly. Children learn to co-ordinate through play movement orientated games and as they move through the school, core skills are developed and routines become more challenging. There are also adult classes catering for all abilities which offer a fun hour that is all about you! This is the perfect class for you to let your hair down and release your inhibitions whether your 3 or 50!



A perfect style for anyone wishing to expand their repertoire, developing specific skills and increasing flexibility and strength.  

This is a great class for those that enjoy the freedom of dance to express themselves - it is a style known for its use of emotion, momentum and abstraction.

Classes are available for all ages and abilities.



If you love a great boogie to upbeat music, this class is for you!  From a style that originated in Jamaica, this class has a slight African twist with the sassiness of commercial, and is a great class for increasing fitness levels.

These classes are very popular, so please check the timetable and do email us to check availability.



Break dancing incorporates footwork and skills, and classes are structured to allow dancers time to perfect floor moves within a safe environment.  Classes involve less choreography to allow perfection of these skills as well as developing a dancer's own creativity.

If you fancy yourself as a b-boy/girl, these are the classes for you!

Please email us to check availability.



Commercial dance is a style heavily seen in music videos, concerts and entertainment shows.

It is an entertaining style of dance that is often sassy (be prepared to strut and toss your hair!), and can incorporate a number of dance styles including street and jazz.

In our Commercial classes, you will learn routines from the latest tracks and be encouraged to release your inner diva! For this reason, classes are fun, energetic and are a great way to build up your self confidence.


Musical Theatre

If, like us, you love the fun, the drama, and are captivated by the music and dancing, musical theatre is for you!

There’s something rather magical about musicals that has drawn audiences for years, from the West End to Broadway to the big screen. Each musical has its own style, therefore, these classes are perfect if you enjoy variety as classes work toward a different routine inspired by a different musical each term.

Classes also provide dancers with the opportunity to expand on their performance abilities, as dances often require the portrayal of characters.


Lyrical Hip Hop

A style for those who love putting strength and emotion into their dancing, lyrical hip hop is a fusion between the soft emotional side of lyrical, and the strong sharp movements of hip hop to create a dance which tells a story.

This class is a great way for someone who has experience of street or contemporary dance, and wishes to explore some different types of movements.

Please check with us on availability.


Waacking & Vogueing

A type of commercial street dance, waacking and vogueing is an extremely sassy style combining sharp and soft movements.  It primarily uses arm movements to create strong choreography to bring out your inner diva and is perfect for those who love being strong and fierce!

This class is very popular, so please check on availability.


Commercial Poms

If you like energetic routines with clean lines and sass, this is the class for you!

Bringing traditional pom dancing up to date, with the sass of commercial dancing and clean lines of waacking and vogueing, this class is pure fun!  Dance routines promise to be energetic and upbeat and will serve to improve fitness and dance skills as a whole.


Popping & Waving

Popping and waving is a very cool form of street dance which explores the sharp robotic way of moving.  This style is all about isolations and creating patterns and shapes with your body.

Popping and waving is perfect for those who have experience with street dance and want to improve on specific technique.


Hip Hop

Hip Hop dance refers to street dance styles which are normally performed to hip hop music.  It includes a wide range of styles such as popping, locking, commercial and dancehall.  Hip hop gives you freedom to make it whatever you want to.


Classical Edge

This class is Anneli’s own fusion of ballet and contemporary Dance. 

This class uses the footwork from ballet with the spirit of contemporary to create pieces of choreography to emotive music. This is a great class for anyone who wants to do something a little bit different and perfect for someone who wants to try ballet without the pressure of exams. This class does not require any experience; however you will need to be willing to try new things; a challenging class with potentially limitless boundaries.



Since 2010 Anneli have been offering a range of fitness classes which are fun and offer an opportunity for everyone to enjoy getting fit regardless of age or ability.

‘FREESTYLE’ is a fun, non-stop high energy dance session to your favourite dance and chart classics. Moves are easy to follow providing a great fat burning workout to an awesome non-stop playlist.



Heels is a great class to truly 'strut it out' and bring out the ultimate diva in you!  Classes are incredibly sassy, and great for boosting your confidence.

Important note: thick heels only please, no stilettos.


Competition Classes

We have 3 competition squads at Anneli for those who wish to showcase what they love doing at competitions both locally and across the country.

Auditions are held annually, at the end of the academic year, ready for the next season to start in September.  Choreography for competitions include core street styles such as house, commercial, dancehall, hip hop and popping.

Anneli have achieved many successes with their competition squads, from winning first place at our very first competition in 2015, through to our senior squad winning a place at the world championships in 2017!

These classes are for anyone who has a strong level of street dance ability and wishes to push themselves to be the best dancer they can be.


Tumble and Tricks

Unlike regular gymnastics classes, our Tumble and Trick classes get straight to the fun part, without compromising safety or technique.  In our fully equipped studio with soft matted floor, crash mats and air-track, our fully qualified instructors will work with each student's level to aide them in learning new acrobatics they can wow their friends and family with!