Anneli Education


Anneli Education is a comprehensive curriculum that enables teaching staff to deliver quality dance lessons irrelevant of their experience.  The curriculum is unique.  It is a legacy that provides your teaching staff a solid, easy to follow framework with tools that will equip them to continue to succeed in years to come.

“I think it is really fun.  I didn’t know you could do so much dancing and put it into rhythm.”  Ariel, Year 6



The curriculum is primarily based on Street Dance to inspire boys and girls, however, it can be adapted to any style of dance that is suited to the topic at hand that will be motivating and inspiring to children.


“What I like about this product is the teachers not only deliver a quality programme, but leave the pupils and staff equipped with the skills to do it again.”  Mrs G Fletcher, Head Teacher, Gloucester Road Primary School, Cheltenham


At the core of the curriculum is the vision statement…MOVE: Motivate, Organise, Visualise, Express.  Each lesson plan will follow these 4 simple steps giving each teacher confidence when delivering the curriculum, irrelevant of their dancing experience or fitness level.


Comprising of 6 plans for each year group, the curriculum is tailored for a range of school topics including Dungeon and Dragons, Extreme Environments, the Stone Age and many more.  Further resources are included along with suitable music suggestions and a glossary of dance moves.

The Anneli Education curriculum resource is simple and clear, and is equipped with the correct level of support for you to use without any added guidance.  Your school can also benefit from the optional staff training we offer where the resource will be explained in detail using practical activities, giving teaching staff the confidence and skills base to excel and look forward to teaching dance.


“Your training session was definitely the most enjoyable workshop!  Thanks for making it easy and relevant.”  Miss Barker, PE Co-ordinator, Queens Crescent Primary School, Wiltshire




About Anneli Education Ltd

Anneli Education Limited is part of Anneli Dance Limited.  Based in Cheltenham Anneli Dance was established in 2008 by Kelly Terranova.  Kelly has a vast background in dance and has gained a BA (Hons) in Theatre Studies.  Kelly is also a qualified primary school teacher and was graded as ‘Outstanding’ leading to 2 years teaching at Castle Hill Primary School in Gloucester.

Want to find out more?

To discuss in more details how Anneli Education can help your school contact Kelly on 07876 353464 or email